Virus matters

This page is to share information and contacts regarding the lock-down. Please email relevant information - such as links to other local web pages or details on on-line "meetings" to richard dot bowers at woodhouse-eaves dot co dot uk  If it appears that another website is (or will be) publishing similar information I will be happy to cooperate, perhaps just reducing this page to a link to them.

Garden waste collection

Charnwood have announced that they will be starting the garden waste collection service again from Monday, April 20. It will not be the usual service as they still having to focus resources on the refuse and recycling service.

In the week commencing April 20 they will be collecting garden waste in areas including Woodhouse and Woodhouse Eaves. Put your bin out on Monday, April 20 by 6am regardless of what your usual collection day is. It may not be collected until Tuesday or later. Leave your bin out until it is emptied.

I understand that material not in a bin will not be collected. Of course, a neighbour may have an empty one!

Methodist Service

Visit ↪↪ just before 10.45 on Sunday to join in with the local Methodists. (The Woodhouse Eaves church is part of the Loughborough Methodist church grouping.)