Reasons for changing the mail service

This page provides supplementary information to the Woodhouse Eaves Email Service page.

The who ...

The Woodhouse Eaves Email Service is provided by ↪Nomaz↪, the trading name used by a local IT consultant.

The old ...

Up until December 2006 email addresses and the ↪↪ website were hosted by ↪↪. They host many thousands of websites and mailboxes for other people. Because Supanames have many customers with similar requirements they are able to provide what is necessary at moderate cost.

In general, Nomaz has been happy with Supanames service and intends to continue to use them for website hosting. However, it seems that some emails have been going missing. This may or may not have been the fault of Supanames but has resulted in a search for an alternative. In this search a main concern was that existing customers should be able to retain their existing email addresses and suffer as little disruption as possible.

Another cause of concern to some customers (and in fact the majority of email users in the world!) is "spam" - unsolicited email which is often also obnoxious and in many cases carries potential dangers of various sorts. The Supanames hosted service did little to alleviate this problem.

Yet another issue which has developed since the local email service was launched has been the increasing restictions placed, often for good reasons, on their customers by some ISPs (Internet Service Providers). In order to reduce the amount of spam originating from their customers' computers many now require that mail may only be sent "as from" one of their own email addresses. The old Woodhouse Eaves email arrangement provided a service only for incoming mail. Outgoing was expected to be handled by the customer's ISP. The new arrangement provides both outgoing and incoming services.

...and the new

The service being adopted is a "branded" version of Googlemail. The main difference is that email addresses will end with whereas standard Googlemail addresses end in or Google are a very big outfit and generally well regarded. Their email service (GoogleMail or GMail) has been getting very good reviews. Nomaz has tried it and likes it.

For more information please see What the email service offers.