Roundabout is a free magazine for the parish of Woodhouse - the villages of "Old" Woodhouse and Woodhouse Eaves and the surrounding areas.

Editorial policy

Roundabout aims to promote local events, groups and businesses and aims to keep everyone informed of anything that will affect our community. Preference for publication is given to articles and adverts that meet the aims of Roundabout.

Roundabout avoids lending support for any socio-political cause.

Roundabout reserves the right to amend or omit any items submitted. For guidance on submissions, please contact us at roundabout at woodhouse-eaves dot co dot uk

Management and production

Roundabout is managed on behalf of the community and published by the Editorial and Production Team - a group of volunteers. It is funded by advertising and a grant from the Parish Council and is distributed free to every address in the parish.

Download Roundabout

"PDF" copies of Roundabout for 2007 onwards are available via the ↪Roundabout page on the Parish Council webite↪ - which should open in a new tab or window.