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Meeings were held in Woodhouse and Woodhouse Eaves during September 2004 in which a series of slides were used to explain the Village Design Statement Process. This page contains 13 images and may be slow to load, particularly on dial-up Internet connections. Another view of the process is given in a flowchart kindly made available by Wymeswold

Groups were formed in each village to carry the process forward and actively consulted residents about what was important to them. The resulting draft statements were passed to Charnwood Borough Council for approval.


On 28 April 2006 the Village Design Statements for both Woodhouse and Woodhouse Eaves received full approval from the Borough Council Cabinet. Both VDSs have now become official Supplementary Planning Documents.

The finalised Design Statements can be obtained from the Charnwood Borough Council website:
You can also Download the final draft of the Woodhouse Eaves VDS as a PDF file from this site. Please note that the file is 3.5MB and will take a while to arrive - particularly on a dial-up connection. It is not quite the final version but the differences are minimal.

You can also download the associated map, a 340KB PDF file.


Both Design statements did well in Charnwood Borough Council's Design Awards:
Picture of award certificates

Village Design Statement Pictures

The Village Design Statement Group for Woodhouse Eaves provided a slide-show of photographs mainly from "Walkabouts" in April and May 2005. Choose the version to view here: