What the email service offers

This page provides supplementary information to the Woodhouse Eaves Email Service page.

The who ...

The Woodhouse Eaves Email Service is provided by ↪Nomaz↪, the trading name used by a local IT consultant. This page describes the facilities introduced in December 2006.

The what ...

The Woodhouse Eaves Email Service is a branded version of Googlemail and the processing and storage are provided by Google.

You will still need an Internet connection from an Internet Service Provider (or from ↪Rural-WEB↪). You may find it cheapest to sign up to a service which does not include any email facilities of its own.

The service provides:
  • Email addresses ending in @woodhouse-eaves.co.uk such as my.name@woodhouse-eaves.co.uk, my.firm@woodhouse-eaves.co.uk, or our.club@woodhouse-eaves.co.uk.
  • The ability to access mail using a browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer ("webmail") and/or via a mail client program such as Thunderbird or Outlook Express. Alternatively, you can simply have your @woodhouse-eaves.co.uk email forwarded to another email address.
If using the webmail facility you get:
  • A large amount of on-line storage for your emails. You choose whether to use that, rely on your own local copies or keep both.
  • Access from any Internet connection, anywhere. (So far as is known, and excluding establishments with local restrictions on Internet use.)
  • A well-designed email management system with powerful search facilities.
  • Google's spam filtering, which though not perfect is (based on reviews) one of the best systems around.
  • A secure connection to Google's servers.

The only downside to using Google (as the writer sees things) is the presence of some advertising on the webmail pages. That said, the advertising is nothing like as intrusive as on some common webmail services. Please do treat any "too good to be true" offers as just that. Nomaz does not accept responsibility for any problems or loss you may experience as a result of responding to an advertisement.

For more information see ↪Google's help files.↪ (Note: Not everything said here may apply to the branded service.)

If you use mail forwarding (rather than the full facilities) then all mail sent to your woodhouse-eaves.co.uk address will be automatically forwarded to the address you specify. However, access via the Google facilities is recommended. Further, if you choose the forwarding option you may at some time find yourself unable to send email "as from" your @woodhouse-eaves.co.uk address.