Woodhouse Eaves Email Service

For some years @woodhouse-eaves.co.uk email addresses have been available to local residents and organisations for a small admin charge or, in the case of some "worthy causes" at no cost. This service has now been enhanced. You can find more information about the changes on these pages:
You will still need an Internet connection - either broadband or dial-up.

The cost ...

From 1 Dec 2006:-
  • Minimum charge per order, £10
  • Each personal email address, £8 for 2 years (whether own mailbox or forwarded)
  • Each business email address, £25 for 2 years (whether own mailbox or forwarded)
  • Each nicknames (a second email address which shares facilities with one of the above), £2
  • Local clubs and organisations which exist primarily for the benefit of others (in the opinion of the webmaster) are offered one free name each. They may also be offered some low cost Web space to promote their activities - please ask.
  • Other "not for profit" organisations (if judged as such by the webmaster) will be charged at the "domestic" rate.
  • Requested changes (e.g. from forwarder or nickname to own mailbox), £5 per email address affected. (Minimum charge still applies.)

As with all Internet traffic, email depends on a complex web of equipment and cabling with no single owner. Service cannot be guaranteed, and must be expected to fail at times. Having said that, Nomaz agrees to refund any payment made for the email service if you find it unacceptable. No other liability (such as recompense for inconvenience or loss of custom) is accepted. If the service becomes unacceptable after some time, or for technical or other reasons ceases to be available, a pro-rata repayment will be made.

What now?

To request this service, please send an email with your requirements to webmaster at woodhouse-eaves dot co dot uk. Please specify:
  • Your name, address and telephone number
  • The main email address(es) you would like*
If you want to use the full service (webmail and/or POP3 mail box)
  • Any nicknames for those addresses
If you want just the email address(es)
  • For each, the email address to which the mail is to be forwarded.

 *To ease management, identifiable addresses using the style firstname dot lastname at woodhouse-eaves dot co dot uk are encouraged for main addresses. Nicknames can be simpler - e.g. bigears at woodhouse-eaves dot co dot uk - if available and subject to good taste.

Want to talk first?

Please ring 890114 or email webmaster at woodhouse-eaves dot co dot uk including your name, postcode, telephone number and convenient times for a discussion.