Woodhouse Eaves Horticultural and Craft Show

Content for 2014 awaited. Everything here is provisional.
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Show classes for 2012

The class schedule is also available for download as a "PDF" document from Downloads and was published in the centre of the June 2012 Roundabout magazine. (Roundabout is the free magazine for Woodhouse and Woodhouse Eaves.)

1Six Roses in a Container
2Container of Six Sweet Peas
3Three Roses in Three stages
4Container of Mixed Garden Flowers
5My Best Flower
6Three Cactus or Semi-Cactus Dahlias
7One Gladiolus Spike
8Three Decorative Dahlias
9Rose Judged on Scent Alone
10Three Pom-pom Dahlias
11Three lowers of same variety on a 15cm x 20cm Board
12Three Chrysanthemum any variety
13Cactus / Cacti
15Foliage Plant
16Three types of plant in a bowl or pot
17Flowering Pot Plant
18Rock Plant for Foliage Effect in alpine pan - see Rules and Hints
19Plate of Five Dessert Apples
20My Best Fruit
21Plate of Five Plums
22Plate of Ten Raspberries
23Plate of Five Cooking Apples
24Basket of mixed fruit (Max of 5)
25Three Sticks of Rhubarb
26Six Tomatoes
27Six Miniature Tomatoes
28Three Onions, each 250g or under
29Four White Potatoes, round or kidney
30Three Onions, as grown but washed - see Rules and Hints
31Four Coloured Potatoes, round or kidney
33Three Carrots
34Novelty or Unusual Vegetable
35Pair of Vegetables - not in schedule
36Six Pods of Runner Beans
37A Container of Fresh Herbs
38Three Chilli Peppers
39Six pods Dwarf French Beans
40Two Cucumbers, House or Frame
41Two Sweetcorn Cobs
42One Head of Cabbage 8 cm stalk
43Five Different Vegetables in a Seed Tray (one of each)
44Two Marrows, not exceeding 40 cm long
45Three Leeks
46Three Courgettes max length 15 cm
47Three Round Beet
48Heaviest Onion
49Heaviest Marrow
50Longest Runner Bean
51Largest Apple
52Heaviest Pumpkin
53Heaviest Tomato
54Three Muffins on a Plate (own recipe)
55Plate of Six Cheese Straws (own recipe)
56Loaf of home-made Bread - made by hand
57Loaf of home-made Bread - made by machine
58Five Plain White Scones (own recipe)
59Fruit Cake Loaf (own recipe)
60Victoria Sponge, round tins, any size (own recipe) - see Rules and Hints
61Four decorated cup cakes
62Treacle Tart (own recipe)
63Parkin (own recipe)
64Quiche (own recipe)
65Dish of sweetshop sweets
66Jar of Chutney
67Lemon Curd
68Jar of Jam
69Jar of Marmalade
70Jar of Honey
716 Eggs
72Alcoholic Beverage - Spirits e.g. Sloe Gin/Cassis
72Alcoholic Beverage - Other e.g. Cider/Beer
74Bottle of home-made Red Wine
75Bottle of home-made White Wine
76Sponge Cake "Most Attractive" (own recipe)
77Shortbread (own recipe)
78Pickled Onions/Shallots
79I made this myself (not in schedule) - WOMEN ONLY
80Flower Arrangement - in recycled container
81I made this myself (not in schedule) - MEN ONLY
82Hand-knitted Baby Garment
83Bobbin Lace
84Greeting Card / Occasional Card - any medium
85A Piece of Embroidery
86Soft Toy - knitted or material
87Container of floating flower heads
88Painting, any size, any medium
89An item in Cross Stitch - any size
90Handmade rug any medium any size
91Wool Tapestry
92An Article of Interest Associated with the Village
93Coloured Photograph  - Clouds (Max 18cm x 18cm)
94Coloured Photograph  - Flowers (Max 18cm x 18cm)
95Dried Flower Arrangement
  Children 13 and under
96Photograph - "Olympic" (Max 18cm x 18cm)
97Something I created myself
98Decorated biscuits x 4
99Garden on a plate
100Something I grow myself
101Sunflower - Most Perfect
  Children 10 and under
102Celebration Cupcakes x 4
103Crispy Cakes x 4
104Handmade greetings card
105Painting - "Jubilee"
106Painted/Decorated Pebble
107Windmill Collage - age 7 and under (See Downloads)
108Olympic Collage - age 8 to 10
109Vegetable Animal
110Something I grew myself
111Sunflower - Heaviest Head
  Children 4 years under
112A Plate of Vegetables - Textured picture

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