This page is for downloading various files of local interest.

What is available will vary from time to time. Please note that files available for download from other Notice Board pages may not be shown here.

Roundabout Survey

This is an old document but you are welcome to use it to submit your views on Roundabout, the free magazine for Woodhouse and Woodhouse Eaves as the committee always interested to know what readers think about it. To download the survey as a PDF file click here.

Download Roundabout magazine

"PDF" copies of Roundabout for 2007 onwards are available via the ↪Roundabout page on the parish council webite↪ - which should open in a new tab or window.

Village Design Statements

These give localised guidance on planning matters and can be downloaded from the Borough Council website via these links:

Some local pictures

These are used as the wallpaper for some Linux installations.